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EnergyDD operates in the energy management business with a focus on safety and sustainability for over 10 years. Their motto is “Because your beneficial results are our success.” The business specializes in engineering consultancy, project proposals, project management, energy analysis and utilization, energy operation, installation of energy-saving equipment, guaranteeing the quality of energy-saving equipment, and providing after-sales service.

Contact Information:

Phone: 089 919 9168, 089 993 3550, 082 585 3337
Facebook: EnergyDDth
YouTube: Energy DD

Service Scope:

  • Installation of solar panels for factories
  • Installation of solar panels for houses
  • Installation of grid-tied solar panels
  • Rooftop solar installation
  • Sale of solar panels
  • Sale of equipment related to solar cells

Quality and After-Sales Service:

The company ensures that the installed solar systems are highly efficient and have a long lifespan. They provide comprehensive after-sales services, including regular equipment checks and maintenance of customers’ solar systems.

Service Details

Service NamePrice
Factory Solar PanelsPrice depends on installation area
Residential Solar PanelsPrice depends on installation area
Grid-Tied Solar PanelsPrice depends on installation area
Rooftop SolarPrice depends on installation area

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